Visual Artist

From painting to sculpture, pâte de verre, clay, metal, paper… I have explored a wide range of techniques and materials for my artworks.

awakening our humanity…


Visual artist, multi media, Franco-Swiss, likes surfaces worked by time, structured and patinated.

For her, art must go beyond shapes and colors to shake up our senses and push us to think about our condition as human beings. Jacqueline H-Botquelen born in Brittany France, settled in Switzerland in Zurich where she developed her artistic work, currently back in her native country, she continues her research in order to study, invent, transcend materials and techniques to share with us her view of the world and of people. Her work is inspired by our collective unconscious, mythology, ancestral tales that we all know and which she revisits in her unique and contemporary way. These universal themes touch on our humanity, the relationships we have with each other but also with the universe.

Painting, sculpture, metal, glass and paper… Jacqueline H-Botquelen uses all these techniques and in particular the very demanding work of glass paste, of which she masters all facets after 20 years of passion for this versatile material. Her works are the result of a close connection between the work of the material and her creative instinct. Her artworks presents a succession of series who run from 2001 to 2023.

J H-Botquelen is firmly established in the local Swiss German market and widely celebrated in Europe (European Museum of modern Glass, Rödental) and in the United States, where her works are part of the collection of the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, and represented by Habatat Gallery (Royal Oak, Michigan).